Ideas For College Dorm Room Decoration

If you are just going to college for the first time, the idea of decorating your dorm room can be exciting as you have complete freedom and control over how you want your room to look. You definitely have the freedom to decorate according to your tastes and personality. You want your dorm room to be a true reflection of you, such that people will be able to walk in and know a little thing about you without asking a single question. You will definitely need great ideas for college dorm room decorating? These ideas for college dorm room decorating will not only liven up your living space but are a fun way to express your personality to all your new friends. Supplies and accouterments abound when it comes to dorm room style but the key point is to express who you are and create the welcoming atmosphere that will carry you through your college career with success. Here are unique ideas for decorating.

Make Beaded Curtains

Glass beads are beautiful and cheap. You can find hundreds of different pattern ideas and thousands of colors and types of glass beads to use to create your very own beaded window curtains. When the light glows through your uniquely created beaded masterpiece, it creates a wonderfully warm and soothing lighting effect that screams out style and personality.

Create a Wall Scrapbook

Scrapbooking your memory is hugely popular, fun and easy to do. There is no need to confine your photos to just a book though. Consider opting out of wallpaper and creating a wall of scrapbooking memories either of your past or of the moments you are creating at your new university. Individual and unique, it will be sure to impress.

Dangling and Hanging Mobiles

Another great way to show your unique style in your dorm room is to create hanging art from your ceiling. You can hang photos, postcards, paper craft, origami, seashells or more. The possibilities are limitless and you can create a very dramatic effect with a little creativity. My used beads and seashells to create an underwater effect that was breathtaking.

Japanese Room Separators

Privacy is always an issue in a college dorm room but you can achieve that with style by making paper room separators. Using paper, you can color it or draw or put your custom designs on the paper. For an advanced crafting, you can even consider silk screening your designs for a beautiful effect.

Custom Bean Bags

No college dorm room is complete without the traditional bean bag chair. Ever consider making a unique one on your own? Well, you can, and it’s quite easy. You can create a unique bean bag chair without much cost that has your own unique style that will be the envy of the entire dorm.


A great way to have a strange room turn friendly and inviting would be to bring in a few plants. Not only will plants help you keep your indoor air quality up recycling the carbon dioxide, they will make everything look fresh and friendly too.
Being in college is difficult and challenging enough without having to deal with a dull, boring uncomfortable dorm room. Use these simple but excellent dorm room decorating ideas to create the environment you’ll be happy with all year long.