Creative DIY Coffee Table Ideas

Is it a coffee table? Is it a book? No, wait. It is a map!
Take your coffee table beyond the ordinary by giving it your own style. Try these DIY ideas to create designer coffee tables that are uniquely you.

Smart Art

Smart Art

Whether or not you are an artist, you can create a one of a kind art piece on your table top. Paint the coffee table a plain base color like white or black and use the top as your canvas. Cover with a solid base color, and use strips of masking tape to mark out stripes, criss-cross, or any other shape you fancy. Paint right over the table top and masking tape in a contrasting or harmonizing color. Let it all dry; peel off the masking tape and voila! You have a stunning piece of modern geometric art. If you want more colors and more stripes, just repeat the process, putting the masking tape in different places.

Table of Fame

Coffee table books are great, but why not make your coffee table top just as interesting and informative? Paint the table top a creamy off white color and with a sponge dipped in a darker cream or brown color, dab the edges of the table to it looks like an old piece of yellowed paper. Use a permanent marking pen to write your favorite sayings and quotations all over the table top, or a piece of prose, poetry or a journal entry. Seal with several coats of varnish and you have a uniquely literary coffee table.

Photo Montage Table

Turn your coffee table into a piece of memorabilia that friends and family members will love to see. Gather photos together, trimming and cropping the best bits out of the less satisfactory ones, until you have a collection of different sized and shaped images. Arrange them over the table top into a pattern that pleases you and glue them carefully into place. Cover with several coats of sealer to protect your photos.

Creative Collage

What’s your interest? Cars, geography, postage stamps? Then you are bound to have a collection of magazines, maps and other ephemera with images that cry out for display. Choose the best, and arrange them artfully on your coffee table top. Glue them into position and cover with several coats of sealer.