Eclectic Small Bathroom Design Ideas

When you walk into an eclectic master-bath suite that has room to spare, does your own bathroom seem suddenly inadequate? Do you dream of knocking down a wall and expanding your present bathroom to include the entirety of the bedroom next to it and infuse it with your own personality? Well, put down that sledgehammer for now, and start thinking simpler. With a little creativity and a few simple design tricks, you can make the smallest bathroom seem like a creative retreat.

Organize space and purge clutter

The first step is to take the time to organize storage areas to get the most from your space. Pare down clutter to the essential items. The cleaner the look, the larger your room will feel.

Mix and Match

A bathtub from the 40s, a sink from the 70s, and a mirror from the 30s can all works together if you believe in it, and your eyes can see how the elements create a unique whole. This is the main tenet of eclectic design – that interesting contrasting pieces can create a beautiful space.

Gain Space with Different Bath Items

Eclectic decorating is easy for bargain hunters because great vintage items from various decades can always be found at flea markets and garage sales. When going shopping for your small bathroom, look for ways to open up the existing space as much as you can. Try losing a bulky long vanity and installing a slim pedestal sink. It’s an easy, elegant way to make the room feel more spacious.

Choose Simple, Elegant Accessories

Turn to books and magazines for inspiration and remember unique pieces of furniture or decorative art that catch your eye. For them to work in a small space, limit your accessories to few carefully chosen, elegant pieces instead of an abundance of items. Opt for one set of chic towels.

Use Mirrors to Enhance Space and Light

Eclecticism is all about decorating to please yourself, rather than your neighbors or guests. The things you buy should express your personality. Mirrors are indispensable for both eclectic as well as small space decorating. Mirrors can give the illusion that there is more of the room and also reflect light, color, and pattern. Be creative and try adding several mirrors in a sophisticated grouping.