Creative DIY Coffee Table Ideas

Is it a coffee table? Is it a book? No, wait. It is a map! Take your coffee table beyond the ordinary by giving it your own style. Try these DIY ideas to create designer coffee tables that are uniquely you.
 Smart Art Smart Art Whether or not you are an artist, you can create a one of a kind art piece on your table top. Paint the coffee table a plain base color like white or black and use the top as your canvas. Cover with a solid base color, and use strips of masking tape to mark out stripes, criss-cross, or any other shape you fancy. Paint right over the table top and masking tape in a contrasting or harmonizing color. Let it all dry; peel off the masking tape and voila! You have a stunning piece of modern geometric art. If you want more colors and more stripes, just repeat the process, putting the masking tape in different places. Table of Fame Coffee table books are great, but why not make your coffee table top just as interesting and informative? Paint the table top a creamy off white color and with a sponge dipped in a darker cream or brown color, dab the edges of the table to it looks like an old piece of yellowed paper. Use a permanent marking pen to write your favorite sayings and quotations all over the table top, or a piece of prose, poetry or a journal entry. Seal with several coats of varnish and you have a uniquely literary coffee table. Photo Montage Table Turn your coffee table into a piece of memorabilia that...

Designing a Brilliant Home Office in Awkward Spaces

For a no-fuss home office from which you can pay household bills, catch up on paperwork over the weekend, or supervise children’s homework, a seemingly awkward space can fulfill your needs. An unused space can turn out to be a surprisingly functional work area and with a little ingenuity.
 Under the stairs If you open up your under-stair space, which is often boxed in and not used at all, you can create a practical workstation. You will need to take the slope of the stairs into account, planning storage where the pitch is low and positioning the desk where you can sit comfortably without crouching. Make sure that the lights in the room do not shine onto your computer screen causing reflections that are tiring to the eyes. Basement Rooms Rooms below ground level are more prone to damp and poor lighting, so it is important that space is properly ventilated and well-lit before you use it as a home office. Also, check that steps down into the basement area are in good repair. Other spaces Loft spaces can be awkward but, if well-planned, they make a good out-of-the-way workplace. In most lofts, you will have to take into account a pitched roof. Use the A-frame shape of the roof to build a row of shelves along the end wall, reducing the shelf lengths toward the apex.
A little-used household cupboard can also hold a workstation. You might find it more convenient to remove the door to create an alcove in the room and to make the work area less claustrophobic. Key Design Points to Consider for Awkward Spaces • Planning: awkward...

Ideas For College Dorm Room Decoration

If you are just going to college for the first time, the idea of decorating your dorm room can be exciting as you have complete freedom and control over how you want your room to look. You definitely have the freedom to decorate according to your tastes and personality. You want your dorm room to be a true reflection of you, such that people will be able to walk in and know a little thing about you without asking a single question. You will definitely need great ideas for college dorm room decorating? These ideas for college dorm room decorating will not only liven up your living space but are a fun way to express your personality to all your new friends. Supplies and accouterments abound when it comes to dorm room style but the key point is to express who you are and create the welcoming atmosphere that will carry you through your college career with success. Here are unique ideas for decorating.
 Make Beaded Curtains 
Glass beads are beautiful and cheap. You can find hundreds of different pattern ideas and thousands of colors and types of glass beads to use to create your very own beaded window curtains. When the light glows through your uniquely created beaded masterpiece, it creates a wonderfully warm and soothing lighting effect that screams out style and personality. Create a Wall Scrapbook 
Scrapbooking your memory is hugely popular, fun and easy to do. There is no need to confine your photos to just a book though. Consider opting out of wallpaper and creating a wall of scrapbooking memories either of your past or...