Beaded Curtains to make the indoors more elegant and stylish

All beaded curtains cannot be considered as very cheap quality curtains since all are not made of plastic beads of cheap quality. When beads of good quality are used to make curtains, they are of superior quality and if the curtains are made using beads of natural materials, they will be of excellent quality. By way of choosing the shape of beads and using different patterns, one can create unique curtains. Apart from the beads, fishing line and hot glue guns, we require a ruler, 2 wooden roads, scissors, pen and two nails also to make the beaded curtains. The wooden rods must be 3-4 inches longer than the width of the door for which the curtain is being made. Beaded curtains of numerous styles and patterns are available in the shops and one can search for beaded curtains of his choice by going through a number of home decor catalogs. However, those who want to save time and money can use their own creativity and make beaded curtains according to their tastes and preferences.

Making a beaded curtain

Beaded curtains are simple and easy to make but they enhance the artistic beauty of the indoors. Those who want to make DIY beaded curtains should ensure that the curtains are as simple as possible. Basically, beaded curtains are of two types ñ patterned beaded curtains and colored string with clear beaded curtains.
Patterned beaded curtains

For making a patterned beaded curtain one has to select a design for the curtain. Multi-colored beads can be used to make the curtain. The shape of the beads can be that of birds, fish, etc. The strands of beads are to be arranged to form a specific design. Colored straws also may be included in the design. The length and width of the doorway are to be measured accurately and for a door-way, the curtain can be of its three-quarter length. An ascending curve can be given along the lower edge. While making a beaded curtain, it is better to try a simple valance. Each string should be provided with extra length in order to tie knots. The knot is to be tied at one end of the strings and that will be the bottom of the curtain. The beads and straws are to be threaded over the strings. There must be a knot at the other end of the string and that will be the top of the curtain. The rod brackets may be fixed to the top of the doorway and equidistant eye-hooks are attached to the rods. Each loop of the strand of beads is placed on the hook and the curtain road is fixed into the brackets.
Colored string and clear beaded curtain

The colored strings are selected and the string lengths are tied around the curtain rod. The transparent beads may be threaded into each string length and ends of the strings are tied firmly. The curtain rod with the beaded curtain may be kept in its place.