How To Add Colour To Rooms When On a Budget

It is possible to spruce up any room when on a low budget. There are many things that can be done without having to spend a lot of money. Many of the items that can be purchased for a cheap price to liven up a room, no matter is it the living room, bathroom, kitchen or a bedroom.


White walls can be very boring, in any apartment or home. If you want to liven up your apartment something have to be done. And painting the walls, ceilings, or woodwork can really make a big difference in any room. Some people like to paint the walls with a sponge to add texture to the walls.
Now, finding the right paint can create a mood in the room you are looking for that is pleasurable and calming. Choose neutral pastel colors to add warmth. Add a bold striking color to one wall such as a chimney breast to make an impact.

Paintings and Photos

Adding a painting or large color photo to a wall makes a statement. Cheap artwork can be found in auction houses and charity stores. Find a piece that says about you and a piece that you will enjoy hanging in your home. You may like to add a painting to a wall to create a focal point in a room, and this does work well. It may well surprise you the massive difference a picture or a painting will make in a room.


Adding a nice colorful rug to a drab room will make another huge difference with the look and feel of a room. A simple colorful rug can brighten up and make a room look brand new.
Depending on the style of furniture you have, you might want to consider an area rug as your room center point. You will be pleasantly surprised with the difference that can be made by laying out an area rug.