Beaded Decoration Ideas

DIY beaded designs to decorate your home

Decorating your home with beaded designs is fairly simple. All you need is a handful of beads and a creative mind. Almost anything in your home can look refreshed and unique if you add a few colorful beads. Before you know it, you have found yourself something that will keep you busy throughout the day. So what are some of the things you can use?!

Beaded Pillows

Hey, we all have a few pillows laying on the couch that drive us crazy as we constantly need to move them from one place to another, but we still decide to keep them because they look good. Well, with the bead designs they will look even better. If you are into sewing then you can cover the entire pillow with different beads. If you feel that this might be a bit overwhelming, then just add them around the corners of the pillow. You will be amazed of the touch of freshens this will bring into your space.

Beaded Candle holders

Candle holders give you countless options when it comes to creating bead designs. In fact, they might be even the best way to introduce the beads into your living area. The simple version would be to take a few candle holders, fill them up with beads, mix and match and create funky patterns. They will look great wherever you decide to put them. And if you have some time to spare then instead of filling the candle holders, you can glue the beads onto the holder and cover it completely.

Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains are easier to make than you might think. For these type, you will need to buy plastic wire and get yourself some acrylic or crystal beads. Once you decide on the bead patterns you can make a great decoration for your doors and windows. You can even use them as a decoration for your walls. There is no place in the house where these curtains wouldnít look phenomenal.

Beaded Chandelier

It is finally time for your old and tarnished lamp to get a makeover! You can use the existing lamp shade but refresh it with some hanging beads. For these designs, you might want to consider using some shiny beads as they look very stylish and expensive. It is better to try not to add too much color, as you might overdo it and make it look tacky instead of classy.

Hopefully, these will give you an idea on how to turn your home into inspiration for everyone who comes to visit you. The bead patterns give you the liberty to express your creative mind and change the design of your entire home with minimal investment. The beads come in many shapes, sizes, and colors so you can decorate each item in your home with them.