8 Hipster Home Decorating Ideas

8 Decorating ideas for your hipster home

Hipster home – the first thing you think of when you hear this word is creativity! We have to admit that these people are anything but boring. And when they transfer that energy and reveal their hipster home decorating ideas you feel as if you were in a different dimension. If you are willing to turn your home into a hipster sanctuary then get ready to read about our selection of these 8 hipster home decorating ideas:

  1. Do it the old-fashioned way!
  2. From clothing to furniture, hipsters are all about the old-fashioned. Instead of spending a fortune on new furniture, find the most beaten-looking one you can get, add a few personal touches and Whoala! – you got yourself a hipster home.

  3. Mix and don’t match!
  4. Hipsters are bold and they know how to combine things that one would never in a million years imagine together, let alone blend them. Use colors, patterns, and prints that are different but yet can find a way to complement each other.

  5. Sayings, sayings, a lot of sayings!
  6. Oversized sayings simply scream – hipster home. Find the right words and you can conquer the world. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Let your creativity run wild.

  7. Be in love with yourself!
  8. Yes, you’ve got it right! Surround yourself with pictures of you and all your travels. Play with the size and color of the photos but keep the focus on you. After all is there anything else a hipster home needs more than a hipster?

  9. Get a cat! Or an owl! Or both!
  10. Nothing defines a hipster home more than these two items. They can be in the form of a vase, a clock or anything else you can think of. Their format is irrelevant, but the presence is a must.

  11. Don’t forget the mustache!
  12. Mustache everything you can find; starting from glasses to linen, everything will look better if you add a little facial hair. Movember your hipster home.

  13. Hang a chalkboard!
  14. Plan your diet, draw on it, or simply write down your shopping list; maybe you are no longer in school, but surely you can find a reasonable way to put it in use.

  15. Dust off the good old record player
  16. Customize this retro music player with some cool patterns and prepare to listen to your favorite music in the comfort of your hipster home.

These 8 hipster home decorating ideas can be an excellent opportunity to refresh your home and transfer your personal style onto your environment. The best part is that in order for you to create your hipster home all you need is passion and the will to create. Since hipsters are all about reusing things you can easily find useful items that with a little hard work can become an essential part of your new home. You will be rewarded with an inspiring environment where you can relax and brag to your friends about how easy it was to create your hipster home and show the world how unique individual you really are.