11 Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas to Make Your Home Joyful

Christmas is just around the corner. Now is the time to get out your DIY skills on and make the best use of the festive time. Create a wonderful space for Unique Christmas decoration ideas at home. I have done a through brainstorming to find out different ideas. I am sharing those with you. Just check out whether you liked them or not, or you can materialize your own ideas.

Here are 11 top decoration ideas:

  1. Use Unused Lanterns
  2. You can put in candles to give a festive light to your space or you can even fill them up with baubles and decorations to create quirky centerpieces.

  3. Create Banners for your Fireplace
  4. Create bunting from either paper or fabric and really bring your Fireplace Christmas Decor Ideas to focus.

  5. Add Natural Elements to Your Tree Decorations
  6. You can add pine cones for that Christmassy look. Or you can even slice up an orange and hang them up with string. Be creative!

  7. Create An Ornament Wall
  8. Why have Christmas ornaments only on your trees? String up the baubles and ornaments for your tree on to straight strings and line them up on your wall to create a fabulous feel.

  9. Use Pictures Instead of Name Tags
  10. Wrap up your gifts nicely but instead of adding a name tag, attach a picture. This is a fun way to make the person receiving the gift feel more special.

  11. Use Mason Jars for a rustic holiday them
  12. Half-fill up your mason jar with Epsom salt to give a snowflake feel in your room. Then plop on a candle and create wonderful rustic Christmas lights.

  13. Turn Your Stockings into Silverware holders
  14. This is one of the nicest Christmas table decoration ideas. Keep your silverware in tiny stockings and arrange it on the table for the Christmas time meals.

  15. If you have shutters, add garlands
  16. Hang Christmas wreath like garlands on your shutters and really make use of your homeís natural architecture

  17. Use Your Holiday Cards to Make a Tree
  18. Hang up your holiday cards in the shape of a tree to add an innovative style to your Christmas tree design.

  19. Hang ornaments from your window with ribbons
  20. Tie up your ornaments in ribbons and hang them from the curtain rod to have a bit of Christmas spirit all over your room.

  21. Make Your Fridge a Snowman
  22. Add a smile, carrot nose and scarf cut out to your fridge and transform it into a snowman!
    Get creative and have fun with your decorations to create a wonderful festive vibe. The more you get involved in decorating your house for Christmas, the more joy you get. So do your own brainstorming and find out some other DIY home decoration for this Christmas.